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Perak Association of Taekwon-do (ITF)

This association was founded by Master Azwan Khoo more than 20 years ago. Under Master Azwan Khoo 's leadership,
the association began to grow tremendously. Master Azwan Khoo produced many outstanding instructors and
practitioners. He is now the CHIEF EXAMINER of Perak. He is in-charge of promoting practitioners to higher
degrees. He is also a Vice President of ITFM, our National Taekwon-do Body, which is short for
International Taekwon-do Federation Malaysia.

The association is affiliated to the Perak Sports Council and the Department of Youth and Sports under the programme,
Rakan Muda.

As a martial art, the name ITF Taekwon-do has been flourished by Perak ITF practitioners in Malaysia as Perak practitioners are best known for
their overall best performance in the art of patterns and creative, fancy demonstrations . We have been invited to demonstrate at
numerous places such as Kinta City, 991 Rescue, Schools, Ipoh Parade, RELA and others.

Below are the names of a few of the current key committee members of our state association. Note that some of them are not from Ipoh, but from
other cities like Selama and others.

President: Mr. Tony Kang (6th Degree)

Vice Presidents:
En. Zainal Ariff (5th Degree)
Mr. Colan Kong (5th Degree)

Honorary Secretary:
En. Khzian Hassan (2nd Degree)

Honorary Treasurer:
Mr. Sitt Soong Kooi (4th Degree)

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