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Photo Gallery

Umpire course in Negeri Sembilan conducted by Master Leong Wai Meng (8th Degree Black Belt).

Master Instructors also present in the photo are Master Mohd. Azwan Khoo, Master Ally Teoh and Master Tan Jing Choon.

Perak State Taekwon-do Contingent at the National ITF Championships in Negeri Sembilan. Present in the photo is Team Coach Mr. Kong Wai Chien(5th Degree Black Belt) .

Perak Taekwon-do Contingent together with Master Leong Wai Meng at the Dinner Banquet on the 2nd day of the National Championships.

Perak Contingent had the honour of doing a tremendous demonstration in front of Master Leong Wai Meng, all Masters present and all the participants.

The demonstration was a success.

Perak Team Pattern Champions receiving their medals from Encik Zainal Ariff (5th Degree Black Belt)

(L-R): Mr. Ng Jin Cherng, Mr. Chen Mun Kit, Mr. Leong Jun Ho, Mr.                  Lewis Looi and Mr. J. Naresh.

Perak Champions in Team Pattern performing their Gae-Baek Tul.

Their performance was so good that the audience requested them to perform another time after their victory was announced.

(L-R): Mr. Chen Mun Kit, Mr. J.Naresh, Mr. Leong Jun Ho, Mr. Lewis Looi and Mr. Ng Jin             Cherng.

Perak Black Belts with Founder of Taekwon-do, General Choi Hong Hi during the International Instructors Seminar in Perak, Malaysia in 1999.

Black Belt Grading in Kompleks Belia & Sukan, Ipoh.                                                                          

Present in the photo are examiner Master Mohd. Azwan Khoo and Senior Instructor Mr. Kong Wai Chien.

A perspective photo of our members during a demonstration in Ipoh Parade.                                      

The members were performing Po-Eun Tul.
Instructor Mr. Chen Mun Kit with his Junior students in the Ipoh Main Gym.                                        

Instructor Mr. Chen Mun Kit and Mr. Kee Soon Han with their students in Ipoh Main Gym.              
Instructors Mr. Kong Wai Chien and Mr. Chen Mun Kit with junior students in Tapian Gelanggang, Ipoh.

Instructor, Mr. Chen Mun Kit demonstrating a Jumping Reverse Hooking Kick to break a plank during a demonstration in Kinta City, Ipoh.

Instructors Mr. Kong Wai Chien and Mr. Chen Mun Kit leading the class in Tapian Gelanggang, Ipoh.

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