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The 2004 National Martial Arts Championships
were held on the 10th and 11th of July 2004 in Ipoh. 17 martial arts respectively organized their own championships on the same days but in different venues. This is a project organized annually by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. Taekwon-do (ITF) had its championship at Stadium Indera Mulia and was considerally the best venue of all 17 martial arts as it was a huge indoor stadium, whereas other venues for other martial arts included school halls, community halls and so forth. The coach was Mr Sitt Soong Kooi IV and the manager was En. Khzian Hasan II. Perak state did a great job by grabbing 5 Gold Medals and 3 Bronze Medals out of the 16 Events held. The winners of the medals were:

Chen Mun Kit III (3rd Dan Male Patterns)
Emil Leong II (2nd Dan Female Patterns)
Shazlan II (Micro weight Male Free-Sparring)
Chen Mun Kit III (Hyper weight Male Free-Sparring)
Emil Leong II (Hyper weight Female Free-Sparring)

Phong Phooi Yee I (1st Dan Female Patterns)
Ho Weng Poh I (Light weight Male Free-Sparring)
Zaidi b. Bakar I (Heavy weight Male Free-Sparring)

kong     cmk
                                            Vice President of ITF Perak Mr Colan Kong leading the oath for participants                                    Mr Chen Mun Kit in action during Hyper Wt Sparring.
                                  of all 17 martial arts. Way to go, ITF Perak!!!

banner     emil
                                                Poster of the championship.                                                                                Miss Emil Leong performing 2nd Dan Patterns.

all     winner
                                                Participants from all over Malaysia.                                                                Center Referee raising Mr Chen Mun Kit's hand in victory.

Participants with their hard won medals together with President of ITFM Tuan Haji Yaacob.

2003 National Taekwon-do (ITF) Championships
was organized by the International Taekwon-do Federation Malaysia and Taekwon-do Association of Langkawi in Langkawi Island on the 13th and 14th of December 2003. Perak contingent showed superb sportmanship spirit during the championships and first-timers and juniors got first-hand experience of the Nationals. Gold medallists from the Junior Nationals were selected to represent Malaysia in the World 2004 Junior Taekwon-do Championships which will be held in Malaysia.


Sitt Soong Kooi IV ( S - Male Patterns)
Emil Leong II (S - Female Middle Weight Free-Sparring)
Tan Aik Hoe II (J - Male Patterns)


Merce Leong Mian Sze IV (S - Female Patterns)
Candis Chow II (S - Female Patterns & Heavy Weight Free-Sparring)
Nang Yu Lee I (S - Male Patterns & Middle Weight Free-Sparring)
Tan Aik Hoe II (J - Male Light Weight Free-Sparring)
Loh Jin Xiong II (J - Male Patterns)

Male Team Patterns & Free-Sparring (Sitt Soong Kooi, Chen Mun Kit, Simon Siew, Rafe Ou, Thomas Liew & Lee Shen Meng )
Female Team Sparring (Candis Chow, Emil Leong, Liew Shin Tong, Yang Sit Lai, Phong Phooi Yee & Chong Shiow Bin)
Wong Mong Kit I (S - Female Light Weight Free-Sparring)
Lim Jeng Thau II (J - Male Patterns)

Best Overall Junior Performer : Tan Aik Hoe II ( Gold for Patterns and Silver for Free-Sparring)

2003 National Taekwon-do (ITF) Championships
will be organized by the International Taekwon-do Federation Malaysia and Taekwon-do Association of Langkawi in Langkawi Island on the 13th and 14th of December 2003. In conjunction with the National Championship, a selection for the 2004 Junior World Taekwon-do Championships will also be hosted at the same venue. The 2004 Junior Worlds will be organized in Malaysia for the first time. The team representing Perak State to the National Championships have been selected by Master Mohd Azwan Khoo. The contingent from Perak State is as follows:

4th Degree Patterns : Sitt Soong Kooi
4th Degree Patterns : Merce Leong Mian Sze
3rd Degree Patterns : Chen Mun Kit
2nd Degree Patterns: Candis Chow Sook Wan
2nd Degree Patterns : Anuar Alias
1st Degree Patterns : Yang Sit Lai
1st Degree Patterns : Nang Yu Lee

Microweight Free-Sparring : Anuar Alias
Microweight Free-Sparring : Liew Shin Tong
Lightweight Free-Sparring : Chang Eng Huat
Lightweight Free-Sparring : Wong Mong Kit
Middleweight Free-Sparring : Nang Yu Lee
Middleweight Free-Sparring : Emil Leong
Heavyweight Free-Sparring : Yeaw Wooi Hiong
Heavyweight Free-Sparring : Candis Chow Sook Wan
Hyperweight Free-Sparring : Tan Bak Seng
Hyperweight Free-Sparring : Yang Sit Lai

Sitt Soong Kooi   IV
Candis Chow Sook Wan   II (Team Captain)
Chen Mun Kit   III (Team Captain)
Liew Shin Tong   II
Simon Siew Voon Hing   II
Yang Sit Lai   I
Rafe Ou Yee Hau   II
Chong Shiow Bin   I
Thomas Liew Boon Khong   II
Phong Phooi Yee   I
Lee Shen Meng   II
Emil Leong   II

State Coach is Mr. Sitt Soong Kooi  IV and the contingent Manager is En. Khzian Hassan  II. Congratulations to the participants that were successfully chosen to represent Perak State. Good luck to all!

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